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UPG supply a wide range of plastic pipe welding tools and equipment, and offer calibration and servicing for most items we sell. We are proud to be the New Zealand distributor for Ritmo plastic welding equipment. We also stock a range of replacement parts such as blades, welder adaptor pins and leads, barcode readers, mandrels, and more.

Our standard tooling range includes:

  • Electrofusion Welders
  • Butt Welders
  • Rotary Scraping Tools
  • Squeeze off tools
  • Internal/external debeaders
  • Pipe clamps
  • Re-rounding tools
  • Pipe cutters/secateurs

And much more!

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Why buy from UPG?

  • Technical Assistance offered before sale and after sale.

  • Free on-site team training with any butt welder purchase once machine is delivered.

  • Stock of all critical components as spares in NZ.

  • Servicing of all machines done here in NZ in our workshop. No requirement to send your machine offshore.

  • Common stock items held in NZ at UPG.

ELEKTRA Electrofusion Welders

The ELEKTRA range of EF welders from Ritmo are universal electrofusion machines characterised by high performance and significantly reduced weight. These machines all weigh in at less than 10kg including the carry case, don’t require adaptor pins (the terminal ends are multi-size), and come in a heavy-duty carry case.

We stock a range of different models here at UPG, covering from 20mm up to 1200mm diameter pipe.

Below are the datasheets for each model.

Elektra M

Check out our videos below to learn more about our products




Ritmo BASIC Range

Ritmo EASY LIFE Automatic Range


Ritmo KELA Pipe Alignment Clamps

Ritmo RTC Rotary Scrapers

Ritmo Turbo Pipe Scrapers Ø 16 ÷ 125 mm

Remedy 500

EASY LIFE Butt Welder Range

Automatic self-aligning hydraulic butt fusion welding machines, suitable for welding pressure pipes for water, gas and other fluids. EASY LIFE Butt Welders by Ritmo are world recognised for their ease of use and reliability. Built according to the International standards (UNI 10565, ISO 12176-1).

BASIC 355 EASY LIFE Butt Welder


  • Machine body built with a supporting frame, four clamps and two hydraulic cylinders with fast non-drip coupling connections. It comes with the fast-locking-adapters system SMARTLocK patented by Ritmo.

  • A Teflon-coated (PTFE) heating plate with a built-in independent thermometer to check the working temperature.

  • An extractable electric milling cutter to face the heads of the pipes and/or fittings. It includes a safety micro-switch and a thermal circuit breaker.

  • An electro-hydraulic gearcase protected from crashes and atmospheric corrosion by a plastic box. The electronic system guarantees the continuous repeat of the welding cycles and automatic control of the preset parameters, therefore the operator needs only to validate the welding phases.

  • Easy Life is Wi-Fi ready and works together with the SET & GO PRO app. The user-friendly graphic display allows quick setting of desired parameters. The EASY LIFE system can store up to 4000 welding cycles and sum them up into a PDF file. This report can be transferred to a PC/laptop through a USB port and data-management software. 

High Quality Butt Fusion Welding

“SET & GO PRO” is a professional application for smartphones and Android tablets that forever changes the way to work with the Ritmo Easy Life butt fusion machines.

“SET & GO PRO” brings together ease of use, innovation, and quality in a system with the advantages of a CNC welding system but with significantly reduced costs.

It eliminates the expensive hardware of data-logging and offers the highest quality at the lowest cost.

From APP STORE you can use only SET & GO
SET & GO PRO isn’t available.

Do you need your tool or welder serviced?

PE Weld Bank

Datalogging and QA made easy!

PE Weld Bank for Butt Welding uses 2 Bluetooth sensors which are fitted to your machine and paired to your smartphone or tablet. Through these sensors your PE Weld Bank smartphone App records and prompts the operator throughout all phases of the Butt-Welding process. Once completed, the information is then stored in your PE Weld Bank file for review or distribution to your client.

PE Weld Bank is compatible to all makes and models of Butt-Welding machines.